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Raif Killips


When purchasing a stick from me mostly it is by commission, I rarely carry stock. I offer direct Paypal invoicing, cheque payment, or bankers draft. As part of the process you will need to supply the height to which the stick is to be made. Details are provided to help customers choose their stick height. Once your payment is cleared your stick order will be allocated an agreed position in my work calendar. Shipping times are dependent on geographic location and season (and shipping company constraints like industrial action) - For UK addresses please allow 2-5 whole working days for delivery from the day of dispatch. For overseas addresses delivery times vary, please allow 5-20 days - border control and customs sometimes delay shipments. Please be aware there are some restrictions on sales to countries outside the EU.

Payment methods

Payment by Paypal Invoice: In some circumstances you might prefer to place your order using Paypal Invoice. This is where I issue an invoice using Paypal sent to your Paypal account. This requires you contact me first using details on my Contact page. Once payment is complete, delivery will be made to the physical address associated with your Paypal account unless otherwise requested. Advisory notes and changes of delivery date can be communicated via the email addresses associated with the Paypal accounts ie. the seller and purchaser email addresses. At all times in the process you can contact me directly using the details in my contact page. To avoid delays please be sure to quote your Paypal transaction code in all communications.

Payment by cheque or BACS: Any UK customer can pay by cheque while all customers can pay by BACS money transfer. To make payment by cheque or BACS you will first need to contact me using details provided in my contact page or by Messaging through my Facebook page. Once payment is complete, delivery will be made to the address supplied by the customer. At all times in the process you can contact me directly using the details in my contact page. To avoid delays please ensure all communications are clear - where an email dialogue has been created it helps to retain the same subject header and at all times communicate by way of reply rather than individual emails.


I take on a limited number of commissions. To arrange a commission please use details on my contact page or the form provided. Alternatively contact me using Messenger and details in my Facebook Pagea>. Payment for commissioned work is by Paypal invoice, cheque or bankers draft only. I also require full payment before starting work. As standard for commissioned artwork, refunds are only issued if something is technically faulty with the commissioned piece (see also Returns and refunds section below). A commission will take several weeks to complete and deliver. I will maintain dialogue with you during the making process to keep you abreast of progress.

Responsible Use

Please be aware that the sticks and staffs I make are not intended as replacements for NHS walking aids or other medical equipment. I make traditional hiking and wading equipment, folk art decorative collectibles, intended for light and responsible use. They are used to aid balance, not to take your full weight or for use in any other application. All my sticks are made using shafts of natural wood and as such their reliability can't be 'guaranteed' against natural defects. These terms do not affect your standard consumer rights.

Returns and refunds

In the case of a stock item, if a stick has been trimmed and finished to length as requested by the customer, no refund will be issued unless the stick is otherwise faulty. This is in line with consumer rights on bespoke items of sale. Standard consumer rights otherwise apply. Return postage costs on items that are not faulty will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

Refurbishment and repair

Used appropriately and cared for as described below, my sticks might last a life time and beyond. However if your stick at any time looks too tired for your taste I do provide a refurbishment service. If something untoward occurs and you break your stick it may be possible to restore it to its former life. I resolve these cases on individual merits. If you require a refurbishment or repair please contact me by email and include photos of the stick illustrating the wear or break.

Product care

All sticks and staffs should be stored in moderate domestic conditions avoiding excess heat and moisture, and avoiding sustained exposure to direct sunlight. Do not stand your stick near a heating radiator or other direct source of heat. Your stick should not be stored with intense sun light falling on it continuously (near a window where sun streams in) or left amongst wet outdoor equipment or other humid conditions. Like any wood product your stick is susceptible to high moisture and heat levels which cause excessive and rapid expansion and contraction of the material that leads to warping and cracking. After use you should wipe your stick down with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasives on any part of the stick. When clean and dry, your stick can be redressed with soft wax furniture polish like Briwax applied with a tac free cloth. Occassionally redressing the stick will help it keep good condition. Treated with care a staff will last well into the future.