Pheasant walking stick view 1
Pheasant walking stick view 2
Pheasant walking stick view 3
Pheasant walking stick view 4
Pheasant walking stick view 5
Pheasant walking stick view 6


Ring-necked pheasant walking stick. Head carved in cherry mounted on hazel shaft. The hazel shaft is UK coppiced stock, a sustainable forest product. The cherry is North American sourced from merchants following the Timber Trade Federation’s Environmental Code of Practice and pursuing a Responsible Sourcing Programme.

Price: £225 + P&P

Dispatched: 8-12 weeks


The photographs above are for illustration purposes. Each pheasant head is carved by hand and is unique. They are based on my own original and unique pattern drawing. By using a pattern I achieve a high level of similarity between pieces. Grain and timber colour will vary according to the timber stock available. The quality of the carving will always be of the highest standard. The hazel shaft will also be unique. The bark of hazel can vary from silver grey to dark brown sometimes with a mottled or mosaic effect.

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