Wren thumbstick, thumb grip walking stick Blackberry Bramble thumb grip walking stick Red Fox thumb grip walking stick Mouse walking stick Red wolf walking stick Gray wolf thumb grip walking stick Red squirrel thumb grip walking stick Bluetit walking and hiking stick Mouse walking and hiking stick

Hiking and walking sticks, crooks and staffs hand carved in the folk-art tradition. My designs include a range of garden birds, waterfowl, wildfowl and small mammals. All my pieces are carved by myself, Raif Killips, from local coppice products, FSC approved and responsibly sourced timbers. If you haven't already, click examples of my work above for a closer look. All sticks available to purchase can be viewed in my shop. For an account of how I create a stick read my about page.

For bespoke commissioned pieces use my contact page to enquire or click the Facebook button below and private message me through my Facebook page.

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